Friday, July 3, 2009

June Fun!

Who can resist such a handsome little boy? I am proud to call him my son! God blessed me with 2 beautiful, loving, intelligent, and amazing children.
Here we are into yet another month. Time stops for no one, the saying goes. Boy, it sure doesn't seem like it should be the middle of the year. June finally warmed up and the kids love it! We played outside before, but NOW we get to play in the sprinkler, fill up the pool, and even go to the beach. We put the kiddy pool under the end of the slide on the play house and then let the garden hose run water down the slide: WATERSLIDE! Meadowe, Finn, Leah, Brendan all love speeding down the (not long enough) slide and into the sparkling pool of water. Meanwhile, I pull weeds in the garden. Yippee. (I don't have any pics of the kids on the waterslide, but the next time we set up that activity, I'll take some and try to capture their smiling, happy faces.)
(The garden in early June.)

On June 20, there was another 5K in town, and there was a race in which Meadowe participated. Her race was a quarter mile long on part of the fitness trail. She had been practicing and she was ready! I was able to run alongside her and cheer her on, and even a friend of mine who ran in the 5K found a place and cheered for Meadowe too. Meadowe did a great job and she was especially happy to pass 3 kids. We are so proud of her for finishing the race and she received a certificate and a ribbon for participating. I made another personal record, 27 minutes, 11 seconds; I came in 3rd in my age group out of 11 girls, and 83rd overall out of 181 runners. What a great family day. We went out for ice cream afterward, mmmm, yummy!
One weekend in June, Ora and I were able to head off to Indianapolis, just the 2 of us for an extended date. What a great time we had! We stayed downtown and walked around seeing all the famous places, including taking a tour of the new Lucas Oil Stadium. What an amazing feat of architecture and technology. The kids were in good hands and learned an important lesson: Mommy & Daddy need time for themselves and there are other capable, loving people to take care of them. Sorry, no pics of that weekend!

Weekly we go to story time at the library. The kids enjoy choosing books to borrow and looking at them when we are home. I enjoy reading to them and I wonder what is going through their minds as I read and they see the pictures. . . .

Here's a picture of a very yummy sandwich I made for dinner one night in June. It was so easy and so delicious! If you're curious for the recipe, just contact me via my email or on facebook. You can connect to facebook by going to
As June came to a close we look forward to events to come in July. I'll do my best to take the pictures and share as much as possible on here.
(The garden at the end of June!) Sunflowers, green beans, peas, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and corn. We enjoyed the first crop of peas earlier this week. Sweet and juicy!