Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This-is-Me-Trying-To-Be-Like-Starbucks! Drink

So, I discovered a new pleasure. Many of you saw it in a twitpic photo last week. I enjoy coffee, savor hot chocolate, and have a soft spot for French vanilla. (Cue angelic music) 'Why not combine these three great tastes into one fabulous drink of goodness?'

French Vanilla & Chocolate Coffee

1 hot cup of coffee, reg or decaf, doesn't matter!
2-3 heaping tablespoons powder hot chocolate mix
3 teaspoons (more or less to taste) powder french vanilla flavor creamer, or 1-2 liquid single serve mini- cups
whip cream in an aerasol can, aka Fluff!
chocolate syrup

Stir hot chocolate mix and french vanilla creamer into hot cup of coffee. Shake whip cream can, dispense Fluff in circular fashion on top of drink. Drizzle chocolate syrup over Fluff. Sip & Savor!