Thursday, January 31, 2013


I think I'll let the research speak for itself.

Okay, my turn.

Call me crazy, but it sure seems like a conspiracy is going on here.  Lies.  Coverups.  Media corruption.  Misreporting of data.  Public panic and fear.

The absolute truth is God made our bodies with a finely-tuned system of protection.  The immune system.  Vaccines skirt that natural defense mechanism.  Diseases are cyclical; reading the Mercola article will reveal this fact of whooping cough (pertussis).  And very often diseases die off on their own when improvements in environmental conditions are made and maintained, as is the case of typhoid.

Here's my plan:
  • Eat whole foods, not processed crap.  Chemicals and hormone-disruptors for lunch, anyone?
  • Sleep well and sleep lots.  That's when the body heals and repairs itself.
  • Drink water.  Keep the system operating smoothly.
  • Visit the chiropractor regularly.  Keeping the spine properly aligned keeps the body well.
  • Don't be a germophobe.  Make that immune system do its job.
  • Avoid crowded and very public places as much as possible.
  • Wash hands.  Just not with triclosan-tainted antibacterial soap.  Any soap and hot water will work.
  • Exercise.  Get the blood flowing through the body.
  • Laugh.  It's good for the mind, body, and soul.
Just as you would take the time to research your next vehicle or major appliance purchase, please take the time to research what you put in and on your body, and what you do to your body.  You only get one.  Don't you think it's important to take care of it and allow it to do what it is designed to do?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drivers Education

Remember being 15 or 16 years old and taking that rite of passage called "Drivers Education"?
Classwork, textbook, videos, learners permit, being grouped up with 2 other kids and going out and driving together with an instructor.  I remember my instructor; he is the father of a gal with whom I went to church and with whom I graduated high school. 

He would always set a travel cup filled with water on the dash, and if you took a turn too fast or hard, or accelerated too quickly or slammed on the brakes, that cup was going to get tipped over.  This man did not want to get wet, so by golly you made sure you didn't tip over the cup!

I remember the girls with whom I drove.  Once the nerves settled down we had a good time.  I remember when there was some road construction on a divided highway and one of the girls accidentally drove over some orange cones:  thmp!  thmp!  thmp!  thmp!  thmp!  in rapid succession under the car they banged!  What a riot!  If that's all that happened to our car, it was a good day.  And yet, we learned how to drive.

I think people should be required to take the written test and the driving test every time they renew their license.  Yes, I really do.  Have you seen some of these drivers out there?  And I think people who drive for a living should be frequently reviewed by in-cab observers.  Yeah, truck drivers, I'm talking about you.  It is high time that people start regarding and respecting the road rules again.  It is getting out of hand. 

Not knowing who should go first when two vehicles stop at an intersection at the same time.
Disuse of turn signals.
Tail lights, brake lights, head lights out.
Not using headlights in dim conditions.
Not sharing the road with runners/walkers and cyclists.
Running red lights.

Do you have a death wish?  I would wager to say that these are some of the reasons there are so many accidents.  Don't you remember the video they showed us in D.E. of the mangled cars and blood spilled on the ground?  Or do you need a refresher?  How does this one sit with you?

You won't need the whole minute, just from about :05 seconds to :30 seconds will do.  Go ahead.  Watch it.  I'll wait......
Pretty intense, huh?  Makes you think a little. 

I think we all should ask ourselves the question we see on some commercial trucks:  "How's my driving?"  And be a little more gracious and careful on the road.  It just might save a life.

Lots of us are driving around with precious cargo in the form of our children, so let's remember that. Hands on the wheel; eyes on the road.  Phone hidden away.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Oops.  Not good.  How did a year go by and I didn't publish a post here?
Could be that we no longer live at Cindonway.
Could be that facebook is pretty easy to use, and all my family is there already.
Could be that a lot of the family gets to see the kids pretty regularly and therefore, this blog isn't their first source of new information about the kids.

I've been thinking of changing the name here, and changing the focus.
I have thoughts.  About a lot of things.  But most people don't want to listen to me ramble on about my thoughts.  This way, if you want to hear what I have to say, you are choosing to do just that, not being forced to hear me go on and on.

Now, about those kids!

Meadowe is getting tall and lean, a lot like I was as a child.  She loves taking ballet classes, and is very good at it.  She likes to make up songs and tunes and she sings to herself, and us, a lot.  She's a math genius, and does really well in 2nd grade.  She's got an awesome friend in her class, for whom I am so thankful.

Finn is proving to be such a smart young man!  He loves his Legos and hates to leave them.  But in Kindergarten he has learned to read, and his writing is so good, and he also is a math whiz.  He learned how to ride a bicycle with no training wheels early this past summer.

Ora is very successful in his job, and we are blessed by his skills and talents.  He's very good at what he does, even if that means he has to travel away from us more often than we would like.

I still enjoy being a personal trainer, and I have added "HKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor" to my title.  My running has really improved; my apologies to my jr high cross country team for not giving it more effort back then. 

Hopefully the next installment won't be 14 months from now...