Thursday, January 31, 2013


I think I'll let the research speak for itself.

Okay, my turn.

Call me crazy, but it sure seems like a conspiracy is going on here.  Lies.  Coverups.  Media corruption.  Misreporting of data.  Public panic and fear.

The absolute truth is God made our bodies with a finely-tuned system of protection.  The immune system.  Vaccines skirt that natural defense mechanism.  Diseases are cyclical; reading the Mercola article will reveal this fact of whooping cough (pertussis).  And very often diseases die off on their own when improvements in environmental conditions are made and maintained, as is the case of typhoid.

Here's my plan:
  • Eat whole foods, not processed crap.  Chemicals and hormone-disruptors for lunch, anyone?
  • Sleep well and sleep lots.  That's when the body heals and repairs itself.
  • Drink water.  Keep the system operating smoothly.
  • Visit the chiropractor regularly.  Keeping the spine properly aligned keeps the body well.
  • Don't be a germophobe.  Make that immune system do its job.
  • Avoid crowded and very public places as much as possible.
  • Wash hands.  Just not with triclosan-tainted antibacterial soap.  Any soap and hot water will work.
  • Exercise.  Get the blood flowing through the body.
  • Laugh.  It's good for the mind, body, and soul.
Just as you would take the time to research your next vehicle or major appliance purchase, please take the time to research what you put in and on your body, and what you do to your body.  You only get one.  Don't you think it's important to take care of it and allow it to do what it is designed to do?

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