Thursday, April 11, 2013


Who's idea was it to stretch earlobes?  This trend in body modification is repulsive to me.  (hopefully this is a trend and the madness stops real soon!)  Today I saw a girl who was only stretching one earlobe.  What the . . . ?  The very next girl I saw had big holes in her lobes also.  I could have fit my pinkie fingers through them!

Do people really think that looks good?  Is it attractive to others?  What is the fascination with it?  What satisfaction does it bring to the person?

I don't understand it at all.  Trust me, I've tried.  But it makes no sense to me.  How do these young people expect to get any kind of respectable job in a professional career with holes in their ears the size of cars?!  What happens when these people are 70 and have droopy earlobes?

Can this condition be reversed?  Like, if a person decides he doesn't want to have big earlobes anymore, can he just stop plugging them?  Will the skin go back to normal?

Why?  Someone explain to me why.  Okay, sure, there's always the argument for personal self-expression, but that's a cop out.  If you want to express yourself, write poetry.  Learn to play an instrument.  Write music.  Or a book.  Learn to draw or paint or sculpt.  Crochet.  Knit.  Beading. 

This is nuts, people!  Get a grip on yourself!  How can it be self-expression if half the people in this city, county, state, country are also "expressing" themselves in the exact same way.  That's not original at all! 

I recall from when I was young a drawing in a history book of a man from an ancient African tribe who had stretched-out earlobes.  Only, he didn't have anything holding the lobe open.  The bottom ridge of his earlobe just hung down half way to his shoulder all on its own.  Hello!  An ancient African tribesman!!!  This is not 493 BC!  We are experiencing the most technologically advanced culture ever in human history and yet people want to regress to an antiquated time.

Oh My Gosh.

Disclaimer:  I don't hate the people who do this.  I only am disgusted at what they do.  And before you accuse me of being a hater, just remember, this is my blog and these are my opinions, and I'm entitled to them.  I don't hate the people who do this.  I only am disgusted at what they do.