Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hi! Welcome to the first installment of my new blog. I'm excited to start this and I hope you enjoy it too. I want to share with you our life here at Cindonway. I am Jill, and I live here with my children, Meadowe & Finn, and my husband, Ora (pronounced Or-ee). Meadowe is 3 1/2 and Finn is almost 22 months. We live where we do because Ora is an avid competitive water skier and our location allows him to water ski pretty much any time all summer long. I love being here because the lake is right outside our door and it's a nice place to raise our 2 children. We also have a dog, Murray, who is 5 1/2. He loves living at the lake too!

This first picture is almost a year old, but it's the most recent of all 4 of us. Oh, did I mention we are a Colts family?!


shoemama said...

Great to hear from you. The family is beautiful. Keep me posted on your blog. Hannah has one also. It is updated weekly so you get the latest on the Ross family.

Merry Christmas!


Carra N Jon said...

Hey Jill,
Welcome to blogging world!
It's been a really long time.
I live in MD. where my husband is a youth pastor and I'm a stay at home Mama!
Check out our blog jonncarramoorman.
For His Glory,
Carra (Zeigler) Moorman

reta robbins said...

Hey There! I got your email and about your new postings. Love the pics of the kids! I'm in the process of setting up my own blog...slow starting but, I'll get there!! I'll let you know when I'm up and BLOGGING!!

Reta said...

Hey There! I got your email and about your new updates.Love the pics of the kids.I'm starting to set up a blog. I'll let you know when I'm up and blogging. Reta