Friday, January 9, 2009

a wedding celebration!

On January 3rd, one of Ora's cousins got married and what a beautiful ceremony and wonderful reception. Meadowe was so excited about her new dress for the wedding. She tried on 3 different dresses and she was most taken with the pink dress. Mam-maw, Daddy, and I thought it was the best of the three, as well. Oh, she loves the color pink!

We took family pictures, we danced and the kids had a ball out on the dance floor.

There were a few other young kids that Meadowe loved to play and dance with. As you'll see, Finn was content to investigate cousin Niki's cane!

It was great to see Ora's mother's extended family again. They live a few hours from here. We always have a great time when they visit.

What a great celebration of family and life and I am so thankful for both.

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