Sunday, June 7, 2009

May Activities

Warm & sunny greetings to you! I am so thankful for the warm weather to finally be here and for having the freedom to enjoy it safely. As I mentioned in another post, Finn loves to help me cook. On this particular evening there were many tasks he was capable of doing. Above he is crushing chips for the coating to go on the chicken pieces. He thoroughly enjoyed pounding the chips to minuscule particles. Below, he is helping stir the seasoning onto the chicken, and lastly, he is shaking the bag to coat the chicken with the crushed chips. Pretty sure that shaking the bag was his favorite part! He is so interested in helping me cook, and he stays with it to the end.

We had been attending story time at the library for several weeks, and the last week was a special teddy bear tea party. The tables were decorated with shiny cloths, doily plates, and real china teacups. There were sweet and savory snacks, and tea and lemonade. Each child was encouraged to dress up and bring their favorite teddy bear or animal. Finn and Meadowe had a glorious time doing something just a little bit out of the ordinary. They must have felt so special sitting down next to a friend at a pretty table with tiny little snacks. I think it was one of the best things they have done in a while.

Finn has discovered POCKETS! He loves having pockets in his pants. He likes to cram things into his pockets, and he likes to stuff his hands in his pockets. He often refuses to wear shorts or pants that do not have at least one pocket. Below is a pic of Daddy and Finn, who is nearly beside himself with happiness that he can get both hands in his pockets. Meanwhile, Meadowe just likes to wear her little skirts, which is what she's wearing here.

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