Thursday, November 5, 2009


Murray is our dog. He's a chocolate lab. We got him when he was a puppy in 2003, which makes him about 6 1/2 years old now. But the cool thing is, he doesn't look or act like a 6 year old dog. Not that I'm an expert on dogs' ages, but, I have to say, Murray is one fit dog! He and I used to go for runs on the farm near where we lived at that time and he always enjoyed it. He began to realize when we were going simply by what clothes I was donning. Even to this day he remembers my "go for a run" clothes and he gets happy and excited when he sees them being pulled out of the drawer.

Since we moved, Murray and I don't go for those same runs anymore, but he's found a new passion: chasing the boat! He hears that marine engine fire and his ears perk up! He'll chase that boat and keep pace with it for the length of the lake. I'm quite impressed because top slalom ski speed is 36mph. Most of the people skiing around here ski at 34, but Ora is still in the young men's age group that skis at 36. Murray is very careful to keep his eye on the skier too. If a skier falls during his pass, Murray puts the brakes on himself and watches to make sure he's okay.

Murray is a great dog for our family. He loves to be outside as do we. I get a kick out of every time he rolls over on his back, twisting from side-to-side and end-to-end, and I especially enjoy watching him slide on his back down our hill. I believe he's gone from top to bottom in a single slide before. But he also is very protective of us. When he senses "danger" he barks so tough, even I would be scared to mess with him. But he's all bark and no bite. He has never once snapped, nipped, or even growled at the kids. If something, or someone, bothers him, he quietly gets up and goes away.

He loves to be the center of attention too. He'll bug you til you pet him! And he's so soft and silky, you just enjoy running your fingers in his fur. He loves a good rub behind his ears too. If he's especially wanting attention he nudges your hand or your arm with his nose to make your hand fall on top of his head. He's so smart to figure out how that works!

We all love Murray very much and we are so proud to call him our dog. We are blessed to have him in our home.

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