Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Greetings, Readers!  2009 almost over, 2010 almost here!  Hard to believe.  We're all a year older, the kids are bigger, smarter, stronger, funnier.  Most people use this time of year(s) to reflect on how the past year went, what was good (or bad), what was learned, and also to plan and prepare for the coming year, what "resolutions" to make, and how to keep them, what activities to engage in, what activities to avoid!

It's nice to have a time to reflect and then plan, but I say we take this life inventory more frequently.  Why not once a month?  Once a week?  Daily?  Maybe some do.  "Oh, wow!  That really didn't work out.  Let's try it this other way next time."  May we always be striving to be better.

On a side, just how will we say the new year?  "Two thousand Ten" or "Twenty Ten."  I propose we say it "Twenty Ten."  It's shorter, and follows the way we've always said dates. (You know, "Nineteen Seventy One")

Have a Wonderful New Year!

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