Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I did it!

I DID IT!  I ran not just one 5K, but 2 5Ks, back-to-back!  I took a short 5 minute break between and then got back to business.  And I set the pace of my second race faster than the pace of the first one.  YES!  I broke perceived boundaries and pushed my limits.  I am highly motivated by a new direction in my life and a renewed passion for health and fitness.  More to come on that . . .

Meanwhile, Finn and Meadowe continue to be the smartest kids I know.  Sometimes Ora and I look at each other after a comment made by one of them and we wonder how in the world they came up with the things they do!  Meadowe told a knock knock joke the other day, "Knock! Knock!"  "Who's there?"  "Eh."  "Eh, who?"  "Eh, I've been knocking so long my hand hurts!"  I don't know if she came up with it, but that she remembered it and told a good joke put a smile on my face for the afternoon.

Meadowe has also been praying for dinner these last few nights.  She is a very thankful child.  Tonight went like this, "Dear God, thank you for today.  Thank you for Leah and Brendan.  Thank you for this food that Mommy made.  Thank you for Finn.  Thank you for Daddy.  Thank you for Mommy.  And thank you for Murray.  Inyernamewepray, and everybody said, AMEN!"  Finn tried to pray,  "God?"  And then he didn't want to do it anymore.  But he loves to say, "AMEN!!!!"  I think because he knows that the sooner and faster we say it, the sooner and faster we get to eat!  And if you didn't know, that's his favorite thing to do.  Eat.  The boy is a munching, grazing machine!  Every time I turn around it seems like he's asking for food.  I feed him good food, I do, but it's the in between times that he wants more, more, more!

I just learned that a 5K some friends and I have been preparing for is about 12 weeks away!  Yes!  Can't wait!

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