Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Meadowe!

For at least a week, all we heard about in our house was Meadowe's birthday party coming up, how old she is going to be, and what we were going to have and do at the party. Meadowe made up her mind pretty early that she wanted a "pi-ata," translation: pinata, for her party. So Ora said, "sure, and we'll have fajitas, too." And going along with that I decided on an appropriate dessert.

We had Everything! Chips & salsa, a make-your-own-fajita buffet with all the toppings, and Mexican Chocolate Cake. We even had the "pi-ata." Meadowe was all decked out in her beautiful dress and couldn't wait to hit the pinata. The house was full with family and friends and a festive mood was in the air. The food was amazing, beef and chicken marinating in a homemade fajita sauce for about 20 hours, and cinnamon-y chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Meadowe wanted first dibs at the pinata, so she gave it as good a whack as she could. Not surpising to any adults, it didn't bust open with that first hit. Meadowe thought it would and was quite disappointed that it didn't. All the other kids had a turn, or 2 or 3, at the pinata. Finn couldn't wait to get in on the pinata action. After some strong blasts, the pinata finally broke and candy rained down for all the kids.

Meadowe opened her presents, and we send a grateful thank you to all gift-givers. It seemed everyone had a great time, enjoyed the food, had some laughs over the pinata, and loved spending time with family and friends. And those are the best memories.

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