Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

The kids have their birthdays very close together so it's easy to get caught up in all the birthday excitement! Finn is now a big 2-year-old and Meadowe is 4 years old today!!!!!!

Great-Grandma Gates gets some cuddle time with Finn before the festivities begin. Finn has the standard "dee" (favorite blankie) and the thumb in his mouth. He doesn't go anywhere or do anything without them!

Finn's not so sure about the requisite singing of "Happy Birthday." He was quite wary of everyone watching him.

But that soon ended when he realized he was going to get to blow out the candles. He's had practice: he likes to blow Meadowe's hair around and watch it fly!

Make a wish!

MMmmm!!! That's a great cupcake!

So, Meadowe thought she would be the best big sister in the world and she "wrapped" one of her toys, the big yellow rubber ducky, in "wrapping paper," aka her favorite 'dee,' and gave it to Finn for his birthday. Well, he got the biggest kick out of unwrapping that rubber ducky and you can see how elated he is.

More birthday pictures to come . . .

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