Monday, November 2, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

So, it's been a while since I've been up here to add new photos and stories. And I've given it some thought: Why, if I can update my facebook at least once a day, can't I update my blog more often? I have pictures to share, and stories to tell. Why don't I take the time to do this more often? So, I'm going to try something new. Just a little bit every day instead of a lot once a month. It may be just a quick story of something one of the kids did or said, or it may be a big deal of an activity for one of them. And so, rather than try to recap the past 6 weeks (yikes! has it really been that long?!) I'll start with today, and, should I run out of material (fancy that!) or if we have an extremely boring day (hey, it happens) I'll tell a great one from the past!

Meadowe is thoroughly enjoying preschool and loves learning letters and sounds. She writes her name all by herself. Today she came home with rice in her pockets. I asked, "What's with the rice in your pockets?" Matter-of-factly she replied, "We played at the rice table today." Nothing special, as if it's something she does every day at school, but I know she really enjoys doing that.

Finn gave us a serious scare on Saturday. He slipped and busted his forehead open on the rocking chair. Yeah, it scared me. It was a deep gash and blood ran. He bawled, understandably, and I just wanted to get to the doctor. We went, and we feared he'd need stitches. But the doctor simply said, "no, I think we can Dermabond it." What? "It's superglue for the skin." Blessings abound! I'm so thankful she decided to go that route to minimize scarring and recovery time. Finn's a trooper though, and he doesn't seem to even notice his booboo.
Meadowe was once again WordGirl for Halloween, and lucky for Finn, he got to be Captain Huggyface. If you're unfamiliar with WordGirl, her television program airs Monday through Friday on your local PBS channel!
Sunday, Ora had the opportunity to return to the Lucas Oil Stadium and take in another Colts home game. He and I went there a month ago for a game for my birthday, and Sunday he went with a friend. The new stadium is an architectural marvel and we enjoyed going there, as I'm sure he and his friend enjoyed it again.
And here I am with a couple of good friends enjoying the evening out together! We had a great time together and shared some great laughs!

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